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2009 saw The Nolans wow the UK with a hit comeback tour – their first in 25 years, to mark the 30th anniversary of the cult classic, I’m in the Mood for Dancing – while September 2010 saw Coleen return to ITV1’s This Morning, the very show that, 10 years previously had sacked her without warning. ‘I was nervous about going back but a lot of the people there are the same as before and they all said to me, “Welcome home,” which was really lovely.

Ten years ago, when I lost my job on the show, I thought that was it for me. But in the last decade, I’ve danced on ice, Loose Women has just won its eighth award and I’ve gone back to This Morning. An opportunity Coleen never thought she’d be given again was the chance to tour with her sisters, the ultimate girl band of the ’80s, The Nolans, again. But 2009 saw that happen to resounding success. ‘It was so much better than we ever thought it would be.

 It had been 25 years since we last toured, so was I nervous? Oh, you’ve no idea! Universal had booked arenas – even when we were having hits 25 years ago we never did arenas! But the response was overwhelming. People went absolutely wild. ‘On the first night, the screens opened and we had our backs to the audience.

There was this deafening cheer and I remember looking across at Linda, who was next to me, and raising my eyebrows up. I seriously thought someone else has come on or the boy dancers have come on naked, because that roar cannot be for us.

But when we turned around, people were up on their feet, screaming, and they stayed on their feet for two hours. They just went mental! It was the best thing I have ever done!’

In summer 2012 Coleen left her role at This Morning and will be in pantomime at Liverpool Empire over Christmas 2012. Coleen says Bernie's cancer inspired * The Nolans Farewell tour in 2013. "When someone goes through something like that all your priorities change and it makes you feel life's too short". The 2009 tour was so brilliant we hoped we could do it again, but Bernie's illness made us go "Sod it - let's just do it!". *The tour has since been postponed but Coleen and her sisters are looking forward to doing a farewell tour at a later date, still to be determined.

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