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Coleen has announced sheís joined a female The Real Full Monty with Dancing on Ice and Diversity star Ashley Banjo. Ashley revealed, 'We had a chat didnít we Coleen? We had a chat about how cancer isnít something that only affects men, it affects women as well. Iíve done The Real Full Monty for men and we were talking about expanding it.' And Coleen said, 'We were saying about, "Wouldnít it be good to get a women Full Monty together?".' 'I think it would be incredible. It is going to happen and I think Coleenís over the edge,' Ashley added. 

Coleen laughed as she announced: 'Girls, they are finally coming out!' Asked if it means sheíll strip completely, Coleen said: 'Well, thatís up to his [Ashleyís] choreography. We were just talking about it, we are still at the early stages. Iíve got to recruit womenÖ We are at the early stages, can I just say. I havenít fully agreed.' Coleen added: 'Iím actually shaking at the thought of it. All I said was, "Ashley, you show me yours, Iíll show you mine".' Ashley said: 'We are doing this to raise awareness, to make an impact, to make noise for, obviously for cancers, but also for body confidence. If we didnít get it all out it wouldnít count.' 

The Real Full Monty returns with a brand new line-up of male celebrities on ITV in 2018. '[The line-up includes former professional footballer] John Hartson who is an absolute legend of a sportsman, heís been through some really difficult times,' Ashley said. 'Iím pleased to have him on board. And also Daytimeís very own Jeff Brazier. For obvious reasons, heís a parent who has been through a lot and dealing with that side of how cancer affects people.'


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