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Coleen Nolan has been announced as the third star to be cast in the all-female world premiere preview of The Thunder Girls. Loose Women panelist will star as Anita a former pop star who has been in hiding for over thirty years since an international tabloid scandal left her humiliated alongside Coronation Streetís Beverley Callard and West Endís All About Jamie star, Mina Anwar, in a glamorous all-star cast. 

The Thunder Girls follows an Ď80s girl group reuniting 30 years after greed, envy and egos tore their friendship and the band apart. The play focuses on what goes on during the night from hell when lead singer Chrissie tries to reunite the band she dumped. They havenít spoken in decades Ö. Ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors when legendary bands meet up to discuss a reunion? Whatís really going on behind the hugs and kisses at those reunion press conferences? 

THE THUNDER GIRLS were a successful Ď80s girl band until lead singer, Chrissie, sensationally quit the Band to pursue a solo career taking with her, Rick, the Bandís manager.  Chrissie broke the Girl Code as Rick was also the boyfriend of Band mate, Roxanne. 

At the reunion dinner from hell, Chrissie tries to reunite the band to salvage herself from bankruptcy after being conned out of her fortune by her toy boy husband. But is there a price which can heal the wounds? Or maybe some friendships never die, even if you want them to? 30 years later, can lightning strike twice? 

Coleen revealed her nerves ahead of her debut, admitting it would be her first acting role. Iíve always had terrible stage fright and never had the confidence to star in a play before but I feel I can do Anita justice because I can draw on my past to play her," Coleen explained. Iím also incredibly inspired by the fact that this play has created roles for women who are fabulous over 50. I am nervous, but Anita was just too delicious to turn down Ė I canít wait to play her!"




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