Linda is playing Holly Spencer in Rumpy Pumpy!


Video & Photos by kind permission of Barbara Jane Mackie and Scott Rylander

When two brave ladies from the Hampshire women's institute, Jean Johnson and Shirley Landels decide to campaign for the total decriminalisation of Prostitution and to improve conditions for working girls everywhere, warm and witty brothel owner Holly Spencer decides to contact them. Holly had the‘perfect brothel’ these W.I. Ladies could be looking for. How do you do the right thing when there is no “right thing”? 


Barbara Jane Mackie’s musical shines a light on a dark corner of British life and asks if it really has to be that way. The songs are excellent - catchy, witty and played with real verve! An amusing comedy underpinned by a tough message about how hypocrisy and indifference condemns thousands of girls to appalling working conditions. 

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