The Nolans Discography - 'The Linda Years'.
1962   The Nolan family relocate to Blackpool from Dublin  
1963 The Singing Nolans are launched and star in the Blackpool clubs.
1965  Coleen is born in Blackpool on 12th March . (The only English born sister)
1972   ‘Blackpool’ single released on the Nevis label, EP Silent Night & LP ‘The Singing Nolans’  
1973   The Nolan Family move to London to work in 'the London Rooms'. 
1974   The Nolan Sisters launched. Single ‘But I Do’ released  
1975   The group support Frank Sinatra on his European tour & support Rolf Harris in South Africa. "Make a Little Sunshine Shine” is released.
1976   "Rain"  "Thanks for Calling & "When You Are a King" All single releases.  
1977   London Rooms LP recorded and sold at the venue (now very collectable), ‘Love Transformation’ & ‘Love Bandit’ singles release d.  
1978   20 Giant Hits LP / TV advertised reaches no 3 in UK Charts, support Engelbert Humperdinck in USA, Denise leaves the act. ‘Don’t it make my Brown eyes Blue’ released as a single.  
1979   A song for Europe contenders, Sign with CBS. Harry, My Honolulu Lover is a single release, followed by ‘Spirit, Body & Soul’ (no 34) and then ‘I’m in the Mood for Dancing’ (no 3). ‘Nolan Sisters’ 12 inch (no 15) & ‘The Nolan Sisters’ 10 inch LP released  
1980   Coleen joins full time. Don't Make Waves (no 12), Gotta Pull Myself Together (no 9) & Who's Gonna Rock You (no 12) all single releases. ‘Making Waves’ (no 11) LP released. Anne leaves the act.  
1981   Attention to Me’ (no 9), ‘Sexy Music’ and ‘Chemistry’ (no 15) singles released. Sexy Music (compilation LP), All About The Nolans (2-LP box set) & ‘Don't Love Me Too Hard’ LP’s all issued. Nolans win The Tokyo Music Festival.  
1982   ‘Don’t Love me too Hard’ (no 14), ‘Crashing Down’ & ‘Dragonfly’ singles released. Anne rejoins. Portrait (no 7) & Altogether (no 52) LP’s released.  
1983   ‘Dressed to Kill’ single released. Harmony (compilation LP) issued. 
1983 Linda leaves the group.
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