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Brian Hudson was a drummer / singer with bands Parking Lot, Tony Rivers & the Castaways, Harmony Grass & New Faces TV talent contest winners Sparrow - all close harmony bands. Later Brian was working for a management company called Bron and was looking after their newly signed artist Denise Nolan. In 1979 The Nolans were recording a popular BBC TV magazine show called 'Nationwide' singing 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' in 5 part harmony and Denise brought Brian along.

Linda fancied Brian but he was married - twice over - and had a young son. Not long after that, at a Nolans family party Brian told Linda that his marriage was over and that they would spend their lives together. Linda was 19, Brian 32 and although Linda was in love, she worried about her parents reaction and didn't tell them for a few weeks as she dated Brian.

Eventually they accepted the situation as they could see how happy the couple were together. Brian and Linda got engaged in April 1981 and married on 28th August 1981 in Blackpool. Brian became the tour manager for The Nolans and also did the sound on their live shows. 

In December 1983 Linda left the sisters act when they decided they wanted to remove Brian as their tour manager. Linda did a risquť photo shoot - far removed from the sugary image of The Nolans in order to kick start her solo career. Brian was her manager and encouraged the images as the press dubbed Linda 'The Naughty Nolan' and her solo career was born. 

A tour of the UK as Gene Pitney's special guest followed & peak time spots on top television shows were also a regular feature. Record breaking summer seasons and other awards followed under Brian's guidance as the couple worked & lived together 24 hours a day. 

Brian was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2004 and Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. Brian was admitted to hospital in 2007 with a leg infection and at the age of 60 he sadly passed away. Linda was heart broken, her world had ended and she turned to the support of her friends and family. But Linda needed another more independent support and 3 days later she called The Samaritans for the first time. 

Linda wanted to talk to somebody who she could be totally honest with. Somebody who had no idea who Brian or she was, who had no preconceived ideas about them and thatís what happened. Linda says "I had known about Samaritans Ďforeverí, never knowing how important the charity would be in my life. "The first time I called I didnít know what to say, but I didnít feel any pressure to talk or tell the person my name, just comfort." Linda's mum passed away three months after Brian & again The Samaritans helped her through it. 

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