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Maureen Nolan, whose pretty brunette looks helped to sell a million records in the Seventies and Eighties as one fifth of sister band The Nolans, has unveiled a dramatic new look on Loose Women - after undergoing a facelift. 

The singer-turned-actress says she's delighted with her tighter jawline and smoother skin following the 7,500 procedure six weeks ago, despite her presenter sister telling viewers that she was 'dead against' the idea.

The 64-year-old says going under the knife has reinvigorated her and didn't prove nearly as painful as she might have imagined, with the bruising and swelling quickly disappearing.  

Footage on the daytime show saw Marueen visiting surgeon Peter Cumbo at the Harley Street Skin Clinic, where she underwent a same-day skin peel, neck lift and lower face-lift which involved cutting the skin at the side of her ears, before pulling it back to tighten it. 

Coleen told her sister on today's show that she wanted to 'punch her' when she saw what she looked like following surgery, saying that she couldn't understand why she wanted to change her beautiful face

Coleen, who attended the clinic with her sister admitted she was cross that Maureen had decided to go ahead when she saw her following the surgery.   

The 'I'm In the Mood for Dancing' singer said: "I could have sobbed I was really angry at you [afterwards]. You look so tired and in pain. I just thought, you were beautiful to me, I thought, 'God why has she done that?"'

However, Maureen said she was nothing short of delighted when she now looks in the mirror: 'I am thrilled. I have not had a single day of pain. The stigma against surgery is old now, it's advanced massively - people have lunchtime botox.'

Maureen Nolan said that the pressure of being known as the 'pretty sister' has influenced her decision to undergo a facelift ahead of her 64th birthday in June. 'They said it wouldnt be a general anesthetic, which can take a toll on your body at my age. It would just be sedation, you feel no pain and are awake but not that aware.' The entire procedure surprised her with just how easy - and pain-free - it was. She jokes that she's had more painful visits to the dentist. 


Aware her sister Coleen was not a fan of plastic surgery, Maureen went on to explain the reasons behind her life-changing decision.

I feel fantastic now, she began. Its still a little bit swollen here and there and a slight bruising. I feel great. Im glad its all over.

Recognising the difference in opinion, Maureen continued: For me it was maintenance. It was just somebody said to me, I could make you look younger.

My attitude was, Why wouldnt you? Coleen is saying, Why would you? Im saying, Why wouldnt you? 

Unable to hide her opinion on the choice, Coleen confessed she was furious with her sibling for going ahead with it.

I could have sobbed, she declared. I was really angry at you [afterwards]. You looked so tired and in pain.

I just thought, You were beautiful to me, God why has she done that?

The sisters continued their tense discussion on the subject, but Maureen stuck to her guns.If it had gone wrong Id have been so angry, Coleen scolded. Its the risk. But I have to say you do look fantastic.


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