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Just one look in the mirror every morning tells Linda Nolan she did the right thing. Gone are the lines of sadness and grief that 10 years of mourning her lost husband added to her face. Gone is the weary and haunted look of a woman who fought and beat breast cancer only to see her sister taken by it Linda’s decision to have a £6,000 facelift has changed her life at 57. And today, facing the world with her new look for the first time, she admits she feels like a new woman – and one finally ready to find love again.

"I’m really happy with the results. It’s exactly what I wanted,” smiles Linda, who chose a lower facelift and extreme skin peel on the advice of her surgeon. “It’s amazing to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and feel better about yourself. And when I meet people I haven’t seen for a while, they’re amazed. In fact their reaction has been the best thing about this. Linda was awake through her op, having a local rather than general anesthetic for the lower facelift. “I was given a relaxant that made me feel great. I recall the surgeon saying, ‘she says her nose is itchy, can someone scratch it?’ 

But I don’t remember much at all. I felt no pain.” She jokes that the facelift and chemical skin peel left her looking like an “orange Malteser” at first. “But in a few days the swelling had gone. I noticed the changes in my top lip – I no longer had very deep lines from smoking – and my jaw line, because my jowls had gone,” she says. “Day by day my skin felt better. And, the sadness in my face had gone. She starts a major UK tour with musical Our House in the summer. Linda admits: “It’s a shame, but looks do matter in showbiz. So the facelift has give me a real a boost to my confidence at work.” But that’s it as far as surgery goes. “It was a big decision to get this done and I’m delighted with it,” she says. “For the next 20 years I’ll always look a bit younger than I am. I’ll be nearly 80 by then and I think when you’re 80 you’re entitled to look the way you want to look.”

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Linda had her treatment at http://harleystreetskinclinic.com

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